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When you book our food truck for your next event, there are a couple different options for how the final payment can be calculated.

Feel free to mix and match catering styles.

Add your favorite appetizer or buffet option to our food truck package.


  • Food Truck Package Based on Consumption: this food truck package is great for a mingling crowd. Each guest has the option to order what ever they like; they can even order a couple items to share. The exact event total is based on consumption and tallied at the conclusion of the event. An estimated total will be sent with the contract, the total is subject to change. The final balance is paid at the conclusion of the event.
  • Food Truck Package with Set Price: this food truck package is great for a group with a strict budget. The total is based on event’s guest count, which is due 2 weeks prior to the event. The client gets to choose the options offered at the event. This package uses a ticketed system to keep track. Bleu Barn Bistro will provide tickets for the exact guest count. Each guests gets one trip up to the food truck in exchange for one ticket. The exact total will be listed on the contract.
  • Individually Pay As You Go Package (open to the public): Do you want to bring a food truck out to your next event, but don’t want to buy everyone food? All you have to do is bring enough people to reach our minimum. Each customer can pay individually and order what ever they want; as long your friends/employees order enough food to cover our minimum you owe us nothing. If we do not reach our minimum you only have to pay the difference.



Can you imagine your next event looking like this?
Can you imagine your next event looking like this?


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To get more information about these packages or to book the truck for your next event, fill out the contact information below. See you at the window!

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